I can't play my recording / track

If you can't play back a track you just recorded, it is probably because your recording was interrupted while it was in progress. This can happen if some other application on your device tries to use the sound system (think alarms, message tones, ringers, etc.).

When a recording gets interrupted, it becomes unplayable. To avoid interruptions, we recommend that you take the following precautions. These precautions apply to any recording app you use on your device:

  1. In the Settings application, ensure that Airplane Mode turned on.
  2. In the Calendar application, ensure that there are no event alarms enabled during the planned recording period.
  3. In the Clock application, ensure that no clock alarms are enabled during the planned recording period.
  4. For devices that have a Silent switch, do not move the switch during the recording. When changing Silent mode, an iPhone may vibrate, for example, depending on your settings.
  5. Do not plug in or unplug a headset during recording. Likewise, do not dock or undock your device during recording.
  6. Do not plug your device into a power source during the recording --when your device gets plugged into power, it may beep or vibrate, according to your settings, thus interrupting your recording.

These precautions are necessary because iOS always gives priority to your phone application: if your phone rings or buzzes, your recording will get interrupted. iOS also gives high priority to certain alarms and alerts —you wouldn’t want to miss your flight now, would you?

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